Diagnostic Sales Consultants | ABOUT US

Diagnostic Sales Consultants is an innovative business designed to serve the needs of a variety of healthcare professionals throughout the United States.  With a comprehensive range of products and services, we effectively deliver solutions to many healthcare professionals in the clinical, facility, sales and distribution, laboratory and the patient sectors. Marrying technology, our valuable relationships and cutting edge diagnostics, DSC is able to produce top notch customer service, crystal clear transparency and an efficient sales management processes.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Our mission statement resonates with our aim of becoming a reliable resource for healthcare professionals and the clinical sector by delivering efficient and innovative solutions that are centered on improving patient care and incrementing profits for sales professionals.
  • Our vision is to become an industry leader that serves not just physicians and their reps, but also their patients, working to improve the standards of healthcare.

Diagnostic Sales Consultants is an organization that is built upon solid industry experience, vast scale of knowledge, and commitment.  We are dedicated to helping our clientele improve patient outcomes and advance their practice in the healthcare field.  We are a resource that is delivers more than just products and services – we deliver solutions.

Diagnostic Sales Consultants will enable you to have extensive insight about your related field, provide advanced options, deliver scientifically accurate solutions, and offer the best level of consultancy.  Our team of experienced consultants and expert members are not just knowledgeable and skilled, they also boast an experience perspective.  Our best assets that are utilized in your favor are:

Cutting Edge Technology

Utilizing the latest of technologies to incorporate in our solutions, our products and services can be defined as forward, advanced, and state of the art.   Our reporting software allows flexibility, never seen before in the industry.

Experience and Expertise

With all our members’ vast combined experience, we make up an effective team that is positive, enthusiastic, and informed to the fullest.


All our clients get to enjoy convenience with us.  We are a one-stop, go-to resource that allows you to conduct business with us easily and avoid costly errors in our workflow that could jeopardize your business.


Our ethical values and integrity make up our moral compass – one that benefits all our clients.  We are professional, ensuring that your confidentiality. . .

Our integrated resources help us provide effective solutions with positive results.