DSC offers genetic counseling services as an add-on service to patients’ cancer screening tests. Genetic counselors are health care providers trained in medical genetics. These licensed, board-certified experts work with physicians and patients to explain complex genetic concepts and analyze family histories to understand disease risk. They also help people understand what their genetic test results mean, both for themselves and their family members. Visit the National Society of Genetic Counselors website to find a genetic counselor in your area. If a local genetic counselor is not available, DSC can help.
Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals trained in medical genetics and patient counseling. DSC has a team of board-certified genetic counselors who are experienced in oncology and available to help patients and community-based oncologists throughout the genetic testing process. DSC offers genetic counseling services for patients as well as support to ordering physicians and their staff. Genetic counseling services for oncology patients DSC’s genetic counseling services for patients are available before and after genetic testing, or both, to meet the needs of your patient. Services are available for all DSC cancer panels, including hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome and Lynch syndrome. Consultations are complimentary and offered via telephone or video to patients and physician offices.

A typical session includes

a review of the patient’s clinical diagnosis and family medical history
discussion of genetic testing and possible test results, including risk to family members
review of costs and insurance issues
coordination of the genetic testing process
communication of test results to the patient and review of results with the referring physician
documentation of the genetic counseling session, with copies of the clinic note and pedigree sent to the referring physician for inclusion in the patient’s medical chart Physician referral is required for DSC’s patient genetic counseling services.

Please visit to obtain a referral form, or request one via email at