Mental Health Assessments

Comprehensive Care Starts with Real-time Patient Information
Improving patient outcomes starts with a new perspective. Evidence-based research suggests that a comprehensive “whole person” approach to clinical care can improve clinical outcomes and lead to a reduction in overall risk to patients, as well as physicians. The DSC platform systematically gathers critical data from every aspect of the patient encounter – including medical history, medications, procedures and the myriad factors at play in the patient’s physical, mental and behavioral health.

Mobile device enabled Prescription related evaluations are provided via iPad in the lobby or in the exam room while the patient is waiting to be examined. This process allows the practice to utilize otherwise unused clinic time to allow patients to self-administer clinically validated prescription related evaluations.

Instant scoring and analysis Patient data is instantly and automatically scored and analyzed and delivered in a single dashboard. Clinicians review this information as part of the patient exam and are alerted to areas of concern and risk.

We provide a broad range of Self-administered cognitive assessments:


K10The Kessler Psychological Distress ScaleMore Info
SIASSocial Interaction Anxiety ScaleMore Info
ZUNGZung Self-Rating Depression ScaleMore Info
PDSSPanic Disorder Severity ScaleMore Info
ASSQAutism Spectrum Screening QuestionnaireMore Info
IES-RThe Impact of Event Scale - RevisedMore Info
PSEQPain Self-Efficacy QuestionnaireMore Info
FSFlourishing ScaleMore Info
SPANEScale of Positive and Negative ExperienceMore Info
EPDSEdinburgh Postnatal Depression ScaleMore Info
DASS-42Depression Anxiety Stress Scale - Long FormMore Info
RSESRosenberg Self-Esteem ScaleMore Info
VOCIVancouver Obsessional Compulsive InventoryMore Info
SADSSocial Avoidance Distress ScaleMore Info
SWLSSatisfaction with Life ScaleMore Info
TSKTampa Scale of KinesiophobiaMore Info
ECR-SExperience in Close Relationship Scale - Short FormMore Info
UPPS-PUPPS-P Impulsive Behavior ScaleMore Info
DASS-21Depression Anxiety Stress Scales - Short FormMore Info
GAD-7Generalized Anxiety Disorder AssessmentMore Info
PHQ-9Patient Health Questionnaire - DepressionMore Info
MFQ-ParentMood and Feelings Questionnaire: Parent ReportMore Info
MFQ-SelfMood and Feelings Questionnaire: Self ReportMore Info
SCAS-ChildSpence Children's Anxiety Scale - ChildMore Info
SCAS-ParentSpence Children's Anxiety Scale - ParentMore Info