New Business Revenue Opportunity

Diagnostic Sales Consultants (DSC) is offering an exciting, NEW business opportunity for practices looking to capture reimbursements for many therapeutic options already being utilized in your office every day. These opportunities include but are not limited to injections, topical creams, pain patches, genetic testing, toxicology, and more. Our turnkey platform is designed for maximum efficiency and profitability. Our dispensable menu is reimbursable by Medicare, Private Insurance, Workers' Compensation, and Personal Injury Protection. Because of DSC’ long history in offering their PBM platform, many physicians are achieving optimal success as all moving parts are managed under one company, its robust software delivery and with the widest range of contracts and product offerings. The no cost startup, its turnkey nature, real time transparency, technology and vertical integration are the main features and the catalyst for success.

No Upfront Costs –
DSC will absorb all of the initial carrying cost of the products. DSC will consign the initial inventory order (Reasonable amount to get started). Contracting and credentialing costs are absorbed by DSC as long as the practice participates in our program.

Product Costs-
DSC will not mark up the product costs 80-100% to the physician like its competitors. Markups are very minimal at DSC, as you can expect only a 3-5% markup from DSC to offset shipping and carrying costs.

Broad Spectrum of Reimbursing Payors -
Most private insurance Pharmacy Benefits will pay for the NDC coded products that DSC has to offer. Additionally, some Medicare Part D plans will pay for these products as well.
Credentialing with Payors-
DSC has Designated Contracting and Credentialing Experts on staff to help walk the practice through the initial credentialing process.

Customizable software-
Since DSC owns the proprietary software; it can be customized for the needs of your practice. The practice management software is the centerpiece of all the moving parts found underneath one company umbrella.

*Roadmap + Live Adjudication* -
With the DSC proprietary software, the practice will be able to see a clear roadmap of products for each patient’s individual insurance plan. It will include the copay and reimbursement amount. This web-based software will allow the staff to pre-adjudicate each claim in real time or prior to the patients coming in the practice. This will assure that all of the products, which are dispensed, are paid for by the Payors.

Billing and Collections-
DSC will handle 100% of the billing to the PBMs on behalf of your practice. DSC will start the collection process as soon as your practice dispenses the product. Most claims are paid within 30 to 60 days. DSC has Designated Billing/Coding Experts, Reimbursement Experts, and Account Manager on staff to handle all of these duties.

Training, Set Up, and Customer Service-
The local DSC representative will handle the training of your practices staff and walk them through the entire software process. Any and all IT support that is needed after the initial training is FREE.

Multi-site management-
Access the DSC software anywhere there is a computer or mobile device.
DSC insists that we stay 100% transparent with your practice. With the practice management software, DSC offers a real-time and transparent Revenue Cycle Reporting that includes Coding/Billing/Fee schedule analysis.

Inventory and Expiration Management-
DSC will track inventory levels, auto order fulfillments, alert the practice on low levels of product, run reports and trigger FIFO dispensing via the software.

Extensive Compliance features-
To DSC, compliance is of utmost importance. Since all of the moving parts to our platform are all managed under one umbrella, compliance and transparency are made easy.