Create an Outreach diagnostic program to connect with your member base, measure individual and group health metrics, and empower others to achieve their health-improvement goals.

ConfirMDX is leading the way in a healthcare movement which seeks to maximize return and eliminate costs associated with inefficiently run primary care and specialty clinics.

Who are we?

ConfirMDx is a vertical market software and patient engagement solution for hospitals, physician clinics, and laboratories which aims to modernize the delivery and cost of healthcare and coordinate the healthcare as well as the bottom lines and level of convenience of all stakeholders.

What we do....

Beginning with our patented healthcare delivery method, ConfirMDx structures and analyzes population health data by engaging only covered and clinically indicated lab patients, reducing laboratory costs, and avoiding disruption in healthcare delivery while steadily improving treatment outcomes.


  • Time-saving, turn-key program implementation
  • Data integration – Seamlessly and safely integrating data to health plan and/or third party wellness vendors
  • Re-engages non-compliant patients
  • Voluntary participation by the patient, who can choose testing location, personal screening method, and elect from a wide menu of at-home diagnostic test options.
  • Real-time program tracking and participation reports
  • Genetic counseling available as an option to on-site MD visit
  • Participants who prefer to visit their personal physicians can sign up online and download a pre-populated requisition form to take with them to their appointment. The doctor will order the lab work, complete the form, and send the screening data to ConfirMDx.
  • As with the other diagnostic & screening options, all lab results are included in ConfirMDx’s automatic data integration and reporting services.
  • Comprehensive, automated program communications to drive participation & engagement

Americans have grown increasingly enthusiastic about health information and wellness. We know that our lifestyle choices impact our health and many of us are taking positive steps to prevent chron¬ic diseases. For example, 70 percent of respondents to a recent Harris Poll said that “making personal health changes” was their top current health priority, while 34 per¬cent of them said that preventive care was “the most important characteristic of quality” in the health care system. (1)

For individuals, preventive care typically involves visiting a doctor for regular check¬ups and going to a lab for annual blood work, but these routine activities become much more difficult to manage when they involve a large population—whether due to a large healthcare organization, a very busy office, or non-compliant and busy members of a health plan. Comprehensive programs for these groups continue to grow in popularity. However, to be effective, administrators need technology to automate repetitive functions, manage the consumer experience, and exchange health data among participating vendors, healthcare providers, and health plans.

If your organization has an in-office lab testing program, ask yourself these questions:

  • How well automated is our program? Do we select the wrong patients or miss opportunities?
  • Do we have a technology platform to streamline the health measurement and improvement process?
  • Do we define success simply by participation, or by demonstrable outcomes?
  • Have we systematized the exchange of electronic health records among our lab vendors?
Eighty five percent of employers believe that implementing wellness and disease management programs leads to better control of health care costs, but you need to automate these processes and orchestrate the handoffs so people know what to do next. A good wellness technology platform delivers targeted recommendations to each participant, including education curricula, health coaching, and participation in disease management programs. Some wellness companies are good at analyzing and managing data. Others are good at managing the user experience. You need a platform that can coordinate both if you want to successfully move people through complex healthcare processes.

ConfirMDx is currently in development with many new ancillaries, testing options and programs to round-out what will be the most comprehensive program in the US market. We are continually engaging more technology for data integration, tracking, reporting, and patient engagement. As we all begin the journey toward a more point-of-care healthcare model, CoinfirMDx will lead the way, gaining efficiencies never achieved before in the world of patient wellness and healthcare.