To combat rising costs and declining reimbursement, many physicians are exploring ancillary services as a means of generating additional revenue.

As patients continue to become better informed about their healthcare options, they have put increased focus on the convenience and accessibility of their providers, expecting their healthcare to fit seamlessly into their active lives. They are often more comfortable having their primary physician oversee their treatments and respond favorably to having direct access to on-site ancillary services. Some patients prefer the convenience of at home testing. DSC’s flexibility and innovation

With proper integration, physicians have found that they are able to provide higher quality and better continuity of care for patients. We have constructed all of our programs with the patient and provider as our top priority. This results in higher patient compliance with treatment programs and ultimately better clinical outcomes.

DSC will help you evaluate the viability of an ancillary service for your practice and its potential impact on your bottom line. Our knowledge of the Stark law governing ancillary care will ensure that the establishment and management of your ancillary care facility remain in legal compliance with all standards and regulations. HIPAA sensitive health information will never be sold, shared or handled with anything less than the utmost care.

We have established strategic relationships with a number of “best in breed’ service providers and can help you select and implement a variety of ancillary physician services including: