Medication Monitoring Program

The Diagnostic Sales Consultants Team is continually creating new ways to improve the lives of patients and making it easier for their providers to do so. In doing this, we help patients live healthier lives by optimizing therapeutic procedures and outcomes. Through continuous exploration, discovery, and improvement of new approaches to personalized laboratory medicine, we are committed to encouraging the advancement of healthcare today.
Our toxicology lab services allow you to eliminate unnecessary treatments and expenses through early detection and individualized patient results.
Our extensive testing solutions allow for a higher standard of patient care to be provided and bring continual cost savings that benefit the entire healthcare system.
DSC offers a combined solution for diagnostics to include urine toxicology confirmations (LCMS), routine and condition specific blood testing, allergy testing (seasonal and food) as well as pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing for medication response.
All (4) diagnostic lines can be utilized at one time from one vendor and one point of contact. They may also be selected a-la- carte.
Urine Toxicology – Unlimited comprehensive panel selections available to providers to choose from. Standing orders available.
Blood Testing – Annual wellness, routine, comprehensive or patient-specific testing options available.
DIAGNOSTIC SALES CONSULTANTS offers IN-NETWORK Patient Lab Billing exclusively in all (50) states.

Why should you choose urine drug testing?

Urine specimens have a longer detection window for most drugs and/or their drug metabolites,allowing usage to be detected for an additional 1-3 days. This is why urine has been the preferred biologic specimen since inception for determining the presence or absence of most drugs. A urine drug testing lab can help physicians determine if their patients are stayingcompliant with prescribed medications and treatment plans.
DIAGNOSTIC SALES CONSULTANTS’ laboratory partners use proprietary testing methods that allow clinicians to make the following treatment-based decisions on objective test results:

  • Corroborate and document the patient’s self-report of adherence
  • Assist with diagnosis and therapeutic decision making
  • Identify denial and minimization of drug and alcohol use
  • Enhance motivation for treatment
  • Measure biological adaption
  • Assist in development of treatment planning
  • Monitor treatment response
  • Document treatment effectiveness and outcomes
  • Support patient advocacy by validating abstinence from alcohol and drug use
  • With DSC testing services, we will deliver advanced biomarker data within 48 hours of receipt of your patient’s blood urine allergy or genetic test, uploaded into a secure, personalized provider dashboard.

    Why Establish a Medication Monitoring Program?

    • Increase compliance and adherence to medication therapy
    • Prevent diversion of medication to others
    • Provide support for high dose pain control
    • Mitigate Professional Risk
    • Improve Treatment Outcomes
    • State and Federal Compliance
    • Incorporate with PGx Testing for a more extensive patient analysis

Urine Drug Testing Process

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I. Urine Specimen Received In Lab

Our Lab Technicians assign unique identification to each urine sample upon arrival. Samples are then double aliquoted into sterile tubes to undergo sterilization and validity testing.

II. Science Prep

To generate the most accurate interpretation of the existing compounds, urine samples are prepared for Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) screens and LC-MS/MS testing by going through a purification and extraction period.

III. Initial Drug Screening

Urine samples are screened for Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Illicit Drugs, Opiates, Oxycodone, and Synthetic Analgesics. This adds multiple sets of dependable data, further aiding in the toxicology testing process.

IV. Confirmation

LC-MS/MS confirmation testing is applied to samples. The meticulous process is concluded by the analysis of data processed from the LC-MS/MS.

V. Toxicology Testing Results

Lastly, results are reviewed for accuracy before being sent to the clinic. Clinics have the opportunity to review results and talk with DIAGNOSTIC SALES CONSULTANTS Support Specialists.This data helps clinicians create an office testing procedures and protocols with patient agreements,patient risk assessments, and inspection checklists.DIAGNOSTIC SALES CONSULTANTS offer comprehensive urine drug testing using Liquid Chromotography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology on almost 100 drug compounds to help clinicians have a better read on their patients.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Depending on the individual and the setting, providing a urine specimen may be difficult and can add additional requirements for clinicians. Oral fluid testing provides quick and easy specimen collection and has been recognized as a reliable and innovative testing method. PCLS offers oral fluid drug testing as another option for patients.
Statistics: Up to half……of the 187 million Americans who take one or more prescription drugs do not take their medications as prescribed.


Up to half……of the 187 million Americans who take one or more prescription drugs do not take their medications as prescribed.